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Borrowing money online at 2Fast4Paws means borrowing money at the lowest interest and the best conditions. Curious about how we ensure that you receive a loan with the best conditions?

Our customer is important

The expression “customer first” is not enough for us. We not only focus on the customer, but above all on the customer's interests. We provide the best offer possible.

Let us surprise you
What we do extra

We ensure that you get the best loan. A loan with a low interest rate and excellent conditions. That's what we do our best for at 2Fast4Paws!

Put us to work
Unique service


2Fast4Paws has been around since 1999. 2Fast4Paws has been able to provide tens of thousands of consumers with responsible loans. But "old-fashioned"? 2Fast4Paws? Certainly not. At 2Fast4Paws we handle every application with the greatest possible care.
We understand that you want a responsible and affordable loan and do our utmost to be of service.

Customer friendly?

Customer-friendly is not enough!

Customer friendly? "Simply customer-friendly is not good enough for us." Spoke to one of our employees. And that is a statement that 2Fast4Paws can support with more than 100%. Borrowing money from 2Fast4Paws should feel comfortable, like your best pair of shoes or a lovely jacket. And we want to convey that feeling with every request.
Excellent service. “Simply customer-friendly” is not good enough for us!

Borrow 5000 US dollars

Apply for a loan from 2Fast4Paws? A unique experience!

Apply for a loan Apply for a loan

Quick response

You will know what the options are within a few hours of your application. Clear, transparent and clear.

Lowest interest

Do you want to borrow money really cheaply? We have the lowest interest there is. Borrow money cheaply.

Customer is king

Excellent service, we aim for the best possible service. You are welcome with us.

Best conditions

You want the best? We will look for the best conditions for your loan for you.

You are welcome at 2Fast4Paws!

You are always welcome to request a loan at 2Fast4Paws. Applying for a loan costs you nothing and does not commit you to anything. We are happy to welcome you as a customer. Whether you already have a loan with us makes no difference to us. We ensure proper handling of your credit application. 2Fast4Paws distinguishes itself from other intermediaries by providing extra service. We want you to be more than 100% satisfied. Not only through a fast and reliable service, but much more through a good and thorough handling of your application. Responsible lending with excellent conditions. That is what we stand for at 2Fast4Paws. In addition, we try to further improve our services almost every day.

How we work


Apply online

You can apply easily and online. Prefer telephone contact? Of course you can. Call us at 518-439-2867

We assess your application

The assessment of your application can take up to a few hours on working days.

Do you agree to your request?

Has your application been approved? Then we will ensure that you receive the quotation by e-mail or that you can download it immediately.

You agree with the quotation

If you agree with the quotation, you can sign it and return it to us with the requested documents. Your loan will be paid out within a few days.

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