Revolving credit

Are you looking for a revolving credit at the lowest interest and excellent conditions? 2Fast4Paws has it. And we have even more to offer you. Applying for a revolving credit with 2Fast4Paws should be seen as a special experience due to our innovative approach. Where banks and credit intermediaries often get stuck in “putting the customer first”. We have long since switched to putting the customer's interests first. We have to make sure you get the very best product and excellent service. Not only if the revolving credit has to be taken out. Even if the revolving credit has been running for some time. That is borrowing money from 2Fast4Paws!

Suitable for whom?

Do you need a loan that you can handle flexibly. Withdraw from your loan when and how much you want and partially repay it without penalty?

I want to request this

When is it suitable?

Not sure how much and when you need extra money? Or do you just like to have money on hand? Then choose a revolving credit.

Sounds good! Ask to.

Fine print?

The most important fine print is about interest. This is variable and can therefore rise and fall. Interest is often higher than the personal loan at the time of taking out.

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What can you expect from us

You opt for a revolving credit

Do you know enough about borrowing money . Then you can make your own choice. You choose a revolving credit or a personal loan yourself.

Clear agreements

This allows you to make a good choice.

Honest and independent

You will receive the very best offer for a loan from us.

Responsible credit

A credit that is easy for you to bear.

A good feeling

Not only when you take out the loan, also afterwards.

Borrow money in 4 easy steps


To request

Simply request your loan on our application form

We get to work

We assess your application. When we agree to your application, we will contact you immediately

Sending the quotation

We will go through the proposal with you. We will then e-mail you the credit agreement with a clear offer and necessary documents

Do you agree?

Then you can sign the quotation and return it to us by e-mail with the necessary documents. You can also use our app. This allows you to safely deliver your documents to us.
Borrow money

Interest rates Revolving Credit

Before you apply for your revolving credit, you naturally want to know where you stand. In the overview below you can clearly see the lowest interest rates that we can offer you.

Credit amount
Monthly installment
Debit interest
Number of terms
Total costs
To request
$ 5,000
$ 100, -
58 months
$ 5,800
Apply for continuous credit
$ 10,000
$ 200, -
57 months
$ 11,400
Apply for continuous credit
$ 15,000
$ 300
56 months
$ 16,800
Apply for continuous credit
$ 25,000
$ 500
56 months
$ 28,000
Apply for continuous credit
$ 50,000
$ 1,000
56 months
$ 56,000
Apply for continuous credit
$ 75,000
$ 1,500.00
56 months
$ 84,000
Apply for continuous credit

* This table shows the interest rates of a revolving credit. The lowest possible interest that we can offer is indicated per amount.

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