Personal loan

Are you looking for a loan with certainty. A loan where you know in advance “how long you will be committed to it”? And do you want to borrow money with a fixed, low interest rate? Then a personal loan can be a good option for you.
With a personal loan, you specify in the loan agreement what amount you borrow, what you will pay for it per month and what the fixed interest is. This interest is fixed throughout the term of the loan. So you know where you stand. In the past, a fine was often charged for early repayment of a personal loan. Nowadays this actually no longer happens and you can pay off a personal loan whenever you want. Completely penalty-free.

Suitable for whom?

Do you want the certainty of a fixed interest, fixed term and fixed monthly term? Then the personal loan is probably something for you.

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When is it suitable?

Do you know how much money you need? Isn't money in reserve necessary? And do you want the lowest interest? There is a good chance that the personal loan will suit you.

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Fine print?

The most important fine print are the penalties for early redemption. 2Fast4Paws can offer you a personal loan with penalty-free repayments.

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Free information about a personal loan

We give you information about borrowing money for free and without obligation. We are happy to help you find the best form of borrowing money. And all of this 100% free of charge and without obligation.

Clear agreements

This allows you to make a good choice.

Fair information

You will receive honest and independent information from us.

Responsible credit

A credit that is easy for you to bear.

A good feeling

Not only when you take out the loan, also afterwards.

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Simply request your loan on our application form

We get to work

We assess your application. When we agree to your application, we will contact you immediately

Sending the quotation

We will go through the proposal with you. We will then e-mail you the credit agreement with a clear offer and necessary documents

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Then you can sign the quotation and return it to us by e-mail with the necessary documents.
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Personal loan interest rates

Before you apply for your personal loan, you naturally want to know where you stand. In the overview below you can clearly see the lowest interest rates that we can offer you.

Credit amount
Monthly installment
Debit interest
Number of terms
Total costs
To request
$ 5,000
$ 56
120 months
$ 6,785.00
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$ 10,000
$ 110
120 months
$ 13,227
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$ 15,000
$ 153
120 months
$ 18,328.00
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$ 25,000
$ 249
120 months
$ 29,861
Apply for a personal loan
$ 35,000
$ 348
120 months
$ 41,805
Apply for a personal loan
$ 50,000
$ 493
120 months
$ 59,177
Apply for a personal loan
$ 75,000
$ 739
120 months
$ 88,766
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* This table shows the interest rates of a personal loan. The lowest possible interest that we can offer is indicated per amount.

Personal loan is gaining popularity

Did you know that this loan form has quickly become more popular in recent years? This is mainly because a lot has changed with this form of borrowing money. We would be happy to explain the two biggest and most important changes for you.

Fine for early redemption no longer applicable

In the past, you were charged if you redeemed your loan early. This fine could amount to no less than 5% of the amount you wanted to redeem. Redeeming a loan with an outstanding balance of $ 10,000.00 fined you $ 500.00. Fortunately, this is different nowadays. The penalty for early repayment of your loan no longer applies to almost all providers.

Borrow money cheaper with a personal loan

Where in the past the interest on a revolving credit was higher than the interest on a personal loan, this has now been reversed. There is still a difference between the interest for a personal loan and a revolving credit, but the difference has now turned in favor of the loan form with the fixed interest and the fixed monthly term.

Are there any drawbacks?

The benefits of the loan have been clearly highlighted, and to be fair, there are quite a few. Nevertheless, we also notice in practice that there are some disadvantages to the loan. For example, some consumers experience that it is not pleasant that there are no interim withdrawal options. If you have repaid you cannot withdraw these amounts again. In addition, there is another disadvantage that is little discussed. If you take out a personal loan, your loan will be registered with the BKR . With a revolving credit, the limit of your loan is registered with your BKR. This is different with a personal loan. Your credit is then registered as follows, not only is your limit recorded, but also the interest payable during the term of your loan. So a much higher amount is registered than with a revolving credit.

Most recommended form of borrowing money

In the past, mainly revolving credit was offered. Much has changed in this. In the past, many forms of borrowing money were offered with special repayment methods. For example, revolving credit was advised where you only paid the interest on the loan. In addition, an investment product was advised to repay your loan. Fortunately, this doesn't happen anymore. In fact, the banks no longer offer interest-only loans.
With the personal loan, the interest was also higher in the past than with a revolving credit. This has also been an important change. The interest on the personal loan is now often lower than with a revolving credit. The difference can be as much as 0.4%!
But why is the loan the most recommended? You may think that this is just because of the lower interest rates. This is certainly not the case. The loan is the most recommended because it has a certain term and a fixed run-off. This way you always know where you stand.

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