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Borrowing standard 2021 makes borrowing difficult.

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Borrowing standards have been raised significantly in 2021. This means that as a consumer it is less easy to get a loan. This does not only apply if you want to take out a new loan. Even if you want to switch the current loan to a loan with a much lower interest rate, you will have to deal with the new loan standards of 2021. Heavy standards, whereby you can no longer obtain financing with a lower income.

What are loan standards?

Loan standards have been drawn up to ensure that you do not get into trouble. This standard ensures that financing is always provided responsibly. The loan standard includes how much money you must have left over each month after paying your monthly repayment and interest to be able to live on.
The loan standard ( VFN Standard ) consists of a fixed and variable part. 4 categories have been created.

  • Single
  • Single with children
  • Married / living together
  • Married / living together

Fixed and variable amounts are linked to this. In addition, a surcharge is charged. The higher your income, the higher the loan standard. Which also makes sense, because you will probably spend more if you have a higher income.
In addition, an additional surcharge will be charged. These can be found in the table below:

Family situation Storage 2020 Storage 2021
Single $ 40 $ 275
Single + children $ 226 $ 451
Married / living together $ 119 $ 326
Married / living together + children $ 224 $ 408

Big difference in storage

Borrowing standards have not been raised very much. The big difference really lies in the storage. This has been substantially increased, so that the maximum amount to be borrowed for all groups has fallen sharply. A difference with 2020 of more than $ 10,000 is the rule rather than the exception.
If you want to know whether it is still possible to take out a loan, you can always request a loan free of charge and without obligation . This costs you nothing and does not commit you to anything.

Contrast with mortgage is great

The much stricter borrowing standards of 2021 are in stark contrast to the mortgage standards. These were actually further relaxed in 2021. Whereas in 2020 the income of the second applications could only be included for 70%, in 2021 this can be for 80%. A significant difference.

Loan standards 2021 also for refinancing your current loans

Interest rates are currently historically low. Many consumers are benefiting here at the moment. Nevertheless, we fear that, due to the stricter loan standards, many consumers will no longer be able to re-arrange their overpriced loan. If you now have a loan with a higher interest rate, you are stuck with it. We expect a solution to this in the future. As soon as this is the case, we will of course report this immediately.

More to come

The stricter loan standards for 2021 will not be the last of this year. Another increase will follow in April 2021. With this increase, a little more customization will be done. For example, the car or the number of cars in the family will be looked at. The exact elaboration of this standard is now the subject of discussion at the VFN. We will of course also report these as soon as more is known.

Lening afsluiten tijdens de Coronacrisis

Take out loan during the Corona crisis

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Much has changed in recent months. Mortgage rates are slowly rising, many people have lost their jobs and the five-foot society is a fact. This of course has consequences in many areas. The question is of course, what consequences will this have for you if you start borrowing money? Borrowing money has not become easier in any case.

Taking out a loan during the Corona crisis, what are the changes?

It will come as no surprise that much has changed. The interest rates of the loans have increased at a number of banks, but are very limited.
Fortunately, the lowest interest rates have remained unchanged.
So what has changed? There have been changes in the underwriting guidelines of a number of banks.
An important change is that at some banks different sectors have been designated as risk sectors. You can think of employees who work in the hospitality industry, a group that is severely affected by the crisis.

Don't banks have to be flexible in the crisis?

That's right, and so are the consumer credit banks, especially when it comes to existing customers. Do you already have a loan with us? Then you have also received the newsletter from us in which we indicated that it is possible to request a 'payment break'. You do not have to pay on your loan for 3 months. The bank does not charge interest for these 3 months either.
In addition, banks must of course also pay close attention to the risks. If there is a chance that the repayment of the loan cannot be made, it is wise not to provide the loan. This is not only in the interest of the bank, but also of the consumer. If the loan cannot be repaid, the problems can become very serious for the consumer.
A debt that cannot be paid back can haunt you for years. Not only because the bank can demand repayment, but also because a negative BKR registration could be placed on the loan, making obtaining a mortgage much more difficult.
It is therefore in everyone's interest to continue to borrow money responsibly.

Information about schemes related to the corona crisis

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Information about schemes related to the corona crisis

A lot has changed around us. The Coronavirus has a major impact on many things. It affects a lot of people, on a personal level, some even on a medical level and of course also on a financial level. The latter has also come to the attention of the banks.
Do you have a loan and are you in danger of getting into trouble due to the consequences of the corona virus? With our help you can request a payment break or a deferred payment. This payment break or deferred payment has a duration of 3 months.

which banks participate in this scheme

Most banks with which 2Fast4Paws cooperates have indicated that they understand that there are now various challenges. Of course the banks do not want to make the problems worse, but above all make sure that you can stay Finance Medicare during this period.
The status at the moment is as follows:
Defam: Defam has indicated that in certain cases a payment break can be used. You can request this payment break here . In addition, Defam has also created an information page where you can find more information about the condition of the payment break here.
Nationale Nederlanden: Nationale Nederlanden has also set up a separate information page .
Interbank: Interbank now also has an information page about your loan and the option to postpone your payments. The page can be found here .
Qander: Qander has indicated that they want to determine per person what the situation is and what the options are for a payment break. You can contact Qander customer service .
BNP: BNP Has indicated that on March 27 will be indicated what the possibilities are.

Do you have any questions?

A lot is coming our way, and the crisis does not seem to be over for the time being. Many questions are still being asked about various matters. If you have a question, you can always contact us. You can send an email to [email protected] or contact us by phone at 518-439-2867

Lenen voor verbouwing

Borrow for renovation? What do you pay attention to?

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Borrow for your renovation

We also once looked for a loan to renovate. And we must admit to you, it is not easy to find a good loan for that. Especially since it is a relatively small amount in our case. What did we pay attention to with the financing? And how could you handle this when it comes to a renovation loan?

Borrow for renovation

With us it is convenient to take out the loan in 3 steps. Below we have listed them for you. With the renovation, we did not need the entire amount in one go. This can of course be very different for you.

How much do we need now

First we looked at the amount that we need now, and later in total. It will take approximately 1 year between the first withdrawal from the loan and the full amount. That's how long we need for the renovation.

To request

Revolving credit

Because we do not need the entire amount in one go, we opt for a revolving credit. A credit where we can slowly make withdrawals from the loan. The interest on this is somewhat higher. But we are flexible.

To request

Transfer to a personal loan

When we are ready for the last withdrawal from the loan, we have withdrawn almost everything. We transfer the loan to a personal loan. A loan with a lower interest rate. However, there was one drawback!

To request

Borrowing for renovation from your own experience

The above was a good option for us. Yet there was one major drawback, which gave us a lot of calculations. Because we did not directly take out the loan as a personal loan, the interest we paid was not tax deductible according to our tax adviser. There are rules for the tax advantage of being able to settle the interest. The construction that we have done from our own experience did not meet this requirement.
We therefore recommend that you read this section carefully beforehand so that you know where you stand at all times.

Geld lenen voor vakantie.

Borrow money for vacation

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You can of course take out a loan for various purposes. A common loan goal, especially in the months of March, April and May, is the holiday.
But how do you ensure that you will borrow money for a holiday responsibly? The prospect of a great holiday is of course fantastic. But how do you ensure that the holiday loan also gives you a reasonable feeling? There are a number of useful tips for this.

Borrowing money for a holiday, what should you pay attention to

When borrowing money for a holiday, it is important to ensure that you get rid of the loan quickly. Paying for a vacation for years will make you feel less good about the vacation afterwards, and that's not what you want if you're going to have the vacation of your dreams.
Therefore, always ensure a short term for your loan. The monthly installment can then be higher, but it can give you a much better feeling about your loan afterwards.
Another important tip is, if you are dealing with financial matters. Then also look at your current loans. Refinancing a loan can save you a lot of money. In practice, we have seen this again this year. Refinancing loans can save you so much money that you can book a good holiday.
In many cases, it is mainly credit cards, loans at the Wehkamp and overdrafts on the checking account that can make borrowing money expensive.

Borrow money for a holiday? Don't forget your insurance

Do you want to borrow money for a holiday? 2Fast4Paws can of course arrange this for you. However, when you go on holiday, it is also important to think about your insurance. Nothing more annoying than finding out on vacation that the insurance against theft while on vacation is not sufficient. Do you want to have everything properly assessed right away? Then we are happy to help you. If you have taken out a loan with 2Fast4Paws, you may also have your insurances listed at Civil servants insurances . Even if you are not a civil servant, you can still take advantage of the discounts that civil servants receive. This is because Civil Service Insurance is part of 2Fast4Paws.

Lenen met een negatieve BKR registratie

Borrowing with a negative BKR registration

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Borrowing with a negative BKR registration

Recently, a message was published by the BKR, which stated that in 2018 an average of 5,800 credits were provided per month to persons with a negative BKR registration.
It is no coincidence that a message to this effect is now coming out. More and more attention is being paid to borrowing with a negative BKR registration. Or rather, not being able to borrow with a negative BKR registration. At 2Fast4Paws we receive many requests every day from people with a negative BKR registration. A good time to give some extra attention to the topic of borrowing money with a negative BKR registration.
apply for a loan

Apply for a loan

Is it possible to borrow money with a negative BKR registration

Borrowing with a negative BKR registration Most of us know the phrase 'nothing is impossible'. A nice hopeful expression. Still, borrowing money with a negative BKR registration is something that is impossible at many banks. Borrowing money is not easy anyway. Let alone take out a loan with a negative BKR registration. At 2Fast4Paws, we must therefore indicate that it is only possible to take out a loan with a negative BKR registration if:
- The BKR registration is from a few years ago.
- It is a negative registration with an 'H' (recovery message).
In all other cases, the banks we work with will reject your financing request. There may be options only with an existing loan . However, you must take into account that you will not receive any money. With these loans, it is only allowed to convert the current loan into a loan with better conditions.

How can an average of 5,800 loans be provided per month?

If you read the above, you may wonder how it is still possible that an average of 5800 credits per month are provided to people with a negative BKR registration.
It is important to realize that in the past year more parties have joined who also register loans with the BKR. For example, the financing for the mobile phones. And the car lease companies. It is precisely these parties who sometimes dare to take an extra risk.

What about a BKR registration again?

If you have a negative BKR registration, you can be stuck with this for a long time.
The BKR registers the loans that are taken out. If you are two months or more behind, the lender may notify the BKR that there is a backlog on your loan. This arrears report will remain visible for five years after you have fully repaid the financing. For example, in practice we unfortunately see many people who have been 'stuck' to a negative BKR registration for more than 10 years.
Therefore, make sure that you always talk to the lender if arrears are imminent. This can prevent many problems. Do you have any questions about borrowing money? You can of course always contact us for information. This can be done by email or by phone.

ambtenaren lening

Why civil servants can borrow cheaper

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Why civil servants borrow cheaper

You may have seen it pass by. Borrow money cheaper for civil servants. Cheaper insurance for civil servants with . Or an inexpensive insurance for the higher educated. But how do they actually do this? Why do certain groups have better conditions than other groups? We are happy to explain why civil servants can borrow cheaper. And of course how much benefit they can actually have.

The benefits of borrowing money as a civil servant and how it works!

Why can civil servants borrow money cheaper There are various parties that 'are especially for civil servants'. The question is, of course, what do they do extra for the officials? What more can they offer than other parties. The answer to this question is simple. They don't really offer you anything extra.
Are they lying then? Actually not really, that's why we are happy to explain how it works.
When you apply for a loan, it will be assessed on various points. For example, a home gives more points than a rental home. A high income also gives you extra points and there are a number of important things. In addition, the credit intermediary can provide you with a 'profession code'. One of the professional codes is the Civil Servant code. This code scores more points than the profession code of a profession with less certainty. So it is not really being lied to when people say 'borrow money cheaply for civil servants'. But it really does not matter from which credit intermediary you request this. You can also apply for a Civil Servants loan from 2Fast4Paws .

How big are the differences actually?

With the above we have tried to give you an idea of ​​why civil servants can borrow cheaper. The question that then remains is, of course, how big is the difference between a civil servant loan and an 'ordinary loan'. This is difficult to indicate. We know it makes a difference because the professional code of 'civil servants' gives you more points for your application. So it can make the difference to give you a better interest rate. However, it is not the case that there are also special interest rates for civil servants. At the time of writing the message, the lowest interest rate that 2Fast4Paws can offer is 3.6%. A civil servant does not receive an extra discount on this. Not with 2Fast4Paws, but also not with other providers.

persoonlijke lening opnieuw uitgevonden

Personal loan reinvented!

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Personal loan reinvented

The personal loan has of course been around for years. There have been few changes in recent years when it comes to the personal loans. There has only been a change when it comes to redemption without penalty. Where in the past you had to pay a fine for early repayment of the personal loan, it has now expired at almost all providers.
But with the arrival of a new provider, even more has changed.
The personal loan reinvented? Hell yes! We will tell you more about borrowing money in the form of a personal loan in the new way below.

The personal loan that changes life

With a new provider at 2Fast4Paws , a lot has changed when taking out a personal loan.
From now on you can use a personal loan much more flexibly. The personal loan is not called the most personal loan for nothing.
The biggest difference with the new personal loan is the options if you want to make extra repayments. As indicated, this is already penalty-free with most providers. This is no different with the newest provider in personal loans. In fact, you can not only redeem without penalty. After the extra redemptions, you can also decide for yourself how you want the extra redemption processed. You can choose to decrease the monthly installment and leave the term the same, or you can choose to shorten the term. And this is really unique! Knowing more? Please contact us and we will gladly explain it to you.

Free term life insurance with the new personal loan

In addition to the extra flexibility, there is another big advantage. The new personal loan has a standard term life insurance. You have a free life insurance policy of no less than $ 25,000. The new provider is also completely unique in this respect. In our opinion, there is no other provider that currently offers free life insurance with his loan. Do you want to transfer your loan to this advantageous provider? We are happy to tell you more about it. Contact you and go completely with your time with this affordable loan!

Betaal nooit voor het afsluiten van een lening

Never pay for taking out a loan

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Never pay for taking out a loan

Did you know that the mediation of a loan is always free? Whether or not you would like advice about a loan makes no difference. Borrowing money costs money, but mediating a loan, no costs may be charged for it. Are you still charged for mediating a loan? Then there is a very good chance that you are dealing with a rogue provider.

Also always free advice about borrowing money?

From the above you can infer that in any case no brokerage costs may be charged for a loan. This is also legally laid down in the Consumer Credit Act .
No costs may be charged when taking out a loan. That's nice. There are therefore no strings attached. However you want to turn or turn it. Mediation with a loan must be free. Borrowing money costs money, but this only refers to the interest on the loan. Will you still be charged? Then you can report this to the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. They can take direct action against such malicious providers.

Request a free quote

When will costs be charged?

As already sufficiently indicated, no costs are charged when mediating a loan. The intermediary is rewarded in this by the bank. Costs may be charged when mediating payment protectors. Such as term life insurance and the like. The premiums for this are net premiums. This means that nothing is earned by the broker. The broker may charge costs if these insurances are brokered. These costs are $ 99.00 at 2Fast4Paws. The policy administration is provided for this. Assistance with a claim is also provided for this. If you request a quote from us, we always clearly state in the conversation that mediating the loan is free. Costs are charged for mediating insurance.

Who are the victims

Groups most affected by providers who do want to receive money to broker a loan are often also vulnerable. They are consumers in a hopeless position. Consumers for whom borrowing money is not possible due to their negative BKR registration, too low income, or sometimes even a combination of these two factors. This is therefore reason for the AFM to intervene quickly if signals of such practices are received. If a provider also wants to offer you something similar, we recommend that you contact the AFM directly. And of course not to make payments. The bad news is that the loan will never be paid to you.