Information about schemes related to the corona crisis

A lot has changed around us. The Coronavirus has a major impact on many things. It affects a lot of people, on a personal level, some even on a medical level and of course also on a financial level. The latter has also come to the attention of the banks.
Do you have a loan and are you in danger of getting into trouble due to the consequences of the corona virus? With our help you can request a payment break or a deferred payment. This payment break or deferred payment has a duration of 3 months.

which banks participate in this scheme

Most banks with which 2Fast4Paws cooperates have indicated that they understand that there are now various challenges. Of course the banks do not want to make the problems worse, but above all make sure that you can stay Finance Medicare during this period.
The status at the moment is as follows:
Defam: Defam has indicated that in certain cases a payment break can be used. You can request this payment break here . In addition, Defam has also created an information page where you can find more information about the condition of the payment break here.
Nationale Nederlanden: Nationale Nederlanden has also set up a separate information page .
Interbank: Interbank now also has an information page about your loan and the option to postpone your payments. The page can be found here .
Qander: Qander has indicated that they want to determine per person what the situation is and what the options are for a payment break. You can contact Qander customer service .
BNP: BNP Has indicated that on March 27 will be indicated what the possibilities are.

Do you have any questions?

A lot is coming our way, and the crisis does not seem to be over for the time being. Many questions are still being asked about various matters. If you have a question, you can always contact us. You can send an email to [email protected] or contact us by phone at 518-439-2867

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