Personal loan for civil servants

Are you a civil servant and do you want to take out an affordable loan? Then as a civil servant you often have an advantage. That may sound crazy, but it is really true. A civil servant loan is easy to apply for. If you indicate on the application form that you are a civil servant, we will immediately take this into account and your application will be treated as a civil servant loan.

Advantage of a personal loan

You can of course always choose which form of credit you want. A revolving credit or personal loan makes no difference in the application process. You choose the form you want, and we go for that form of financing. It is true that a personal loan is cheaper for civil servants than a revolving credit. A personal loan has a lower interest rate as standard.
The revolving credit is no longer provided at all for various tires. The banks that still provide it charge a higher interest rate for a revolving credit. The difference can amount to more than 0.5%.
It is also becoming increasingly difficult to withdraw from a revolving credit .

Civil servants loan in 4 clear steps

If you apply for a loan from 2Fast4Paws, this always takes place via 4 steps. With this we keep it clear for both ourselves and you. We have set it up internally so that all requests are processed within hours of receipt. So you quickly know where you stand. Then we will email the quotation to you. You can easily sign this quotation and return it to us.
We will then get to work to have your loan paid out as quickly as possible. This process can take between 4 and 24 working hours, depending on the provider. So you quickly know where you stand. When the loan has been paid out, you will receive login details for an online environment at most banks, or you can download an app. In addition to our own app, in which you can immediately check the status of the loan. In addition, you can also immediately put your insurance policies in our app, even if they have not been taken out through us.
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