We get a lot of questions about the extra repayment of the loan. The most common question is whether repayment of the loan is possible without penalty. Fortunately, we have good news for this. You can repay your loan at 2Fast4Paws without penalty. It makes no difference whether it concerns a revolving credit or a personal loan .
We can imagine that this question is forgotten when you are in the process of applying for the loan. Still, it is important to know.

Choices for repaying your loan with 2Fast4Paws without penalty

If you have your loan with 2Fast4Paws, we may have placed it with various parties. One party we work with is BNP . With this party, paying off your loan without penalty works slightly differently than with the other companies. Where you simply redeem extra with other companies, and therefore get rid of your loan earlier. BNP presents you with an extra choice. After an additional repayment you will be given the choice to reduce your monthly installment or you can choose to shorten your term. Nice, such an extra choice.

Redeeming extra really pays off

Where in the past you had to pay hefty fines for early repayment of your loan, this is now really very different. Because no penalty is charged on your loan, additional repayments have become even more interesting. Redeeming extra will now clearly give you extra benefits. Because you will pay much less interest through an extra repayment during the term of your loan, every 1000 US dollar extra that you can repay is a good idea.
Would you like to know whether we can also take over your current loan without penalty? We are of course very happy to check that for you. You can request your loan on our borrow money page .

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