Banks are keen to offer the lowest interest rate from a marketing point of view. The lower the interest, the greater the chance that they will 'win' you as a customer. Yet there is not always room for this. The banks must of course be able to continue to pay all their costs from the interest you pay. The interest that the bank pays itself, the costs for the staff and the property. The costs for the customers who do not pay their loan and of course the costs for training and education. These are all costs that must be included in the interest of the loan.
Fortunately, there is another bank that has further lowered interest rates. And now finally for the (relatively) smaller amounts.

Borrow cheaper for a loan of up to 10,000 US dollars

Whereas recently the interest on amounts up to 25,000 US dollars was mainly lowered, it is now finally the turn of the smaller loans. The banks are less happy to provide these others. Certainly amounts between5000 US dollar and7500 US dollar are not popular. This is because they often run short. The interest was often kept high. Until a month ago, for example, you could only take out a loan through our mediation up to USD 7,500 above 7% interest. This is now considerably lower.

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Borrow small amounts more cheaply

Due to the interest rate cut, it is now also possible to borrow smaller amounts at a lower interest rate. And this can also be of great benefit to you. Especially if you have a number of small loans. You can also think, for example, of the overdraft on your checking account at the bank, your credit card or the expensive mailing house credit. These are credits at the Wehkamp, ​​on which you have to pay 14% interest. Combining these loans can bring you a lot of benefit and we are of course very happy to do this for you.
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