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Credit interest continues to fall, consumers are applying for more loans

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Credit interest continues to fall, consumers are applying for more loans

Good news if you want to take out a loan. The interest on consumer loans fell again on 1 July. As many as 3 different banks have lowered the interest rate. The lowest interest rate for a loan has even fallen to 3.6%. A rate that we have not seen in recent years. We immediately noticed the difference at 2Fast4Paws. The number of applications exploded on July 1. There are also many questions from consumers who have already taken out a loan . We will answer the most frequently asked questions for you below.

I already have a loan, now that the credit interest rate is falling, the interest on my loan is also falling

Two out of three Dutch people have financing from a bank or financing company. The question now is whether the interest rate decreases on your loan. We have already had to disappoint many consumers for this. The interest on the personal loans has fallen. The interest on revolving credit has remained the same. If you take out a personal loan, the interest is immediately fixed for the full term. A new interest rate decrease will then have no consequences for you. If you want to take advantage of a lower interest rate, you will have to refinance your loan.

Mortgage rates are rising, credit rates are falling? How is that possible

It is, of course, a strange phenomenon. Borrowing money in the form of a consumer loan is becoming more affordable, while borrowing money in the form of a mortgage is becoming more and more expensive. Mortgage rates are rising and credit rates are falling, the main reason for this being that there is currently fierce competition in consumer credit. This competition is currently causing banks to increasingly want to outperform each other in order to be able to offer the lowest interest rates to consumers.

How can you as a consumer benefit from this low interest rate?

That is actually quite simple, you can request financing at any time free of charge from 2Fast4Paws. You can do this if you want to borrow money for a car, but of course also if you want to refinance your too expensive loan. You can submit your application on our application form. We would be happy to show you the benefits of borrowing money from 2Fast4Paws!

Geld lenen kost geld, maar gelukkig wel steeds minder

Borrowing money, costs money! But fortunately less and less.

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Borrowing money, costs money! But fortunately less and less.

A lot has happened in recent weeks. Mortgage interest is on the rise. Not surprising, of course, with the current uncertainty. This makes borrowing money a bit more expensive. Logical to assume that the interest for the personal loans will then also rise further. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The interest for the personal loan has recently fallen. How this is possible? We are happy to explain that to you.

Lower interest rate for consumer credit

Mortgage interest at some mortgage lenders has increased by as much as 0.75% in the past month. A sharp increase, but this can be explained by the special times in which we live. Strangely enough, we have not seen any increases in consumer credit. Interest has even fallen slightly. Customers with credit above $ 50,000.00 can now borrow cheaper than a month ago. The interest has been reduced from 3.6% to 3.8%, a slight decrease.

Interest rate forecast for consumer credit

Of course no one can see into the future. Especially in these uncertain times it is difficult to predict what the interest will do. We can indicate for you what our expectations are. We have based this on various sources. In general, the idea is that there is a possibility that interest rates will increase slightly on mortgages in the coming months. However, this remains very limited as the economy is likely to continue to weaken. A higher interest rate can then be the death blow for companies in a weaker position. This is one of the reasons why interest rates for consumer credit are also expected to remain low. A lower interest rate ensures that people spend more and that helps the economy move forward. This is something that really needs to be done in the coming months to get the economy back on its feet.

Persoonlijke lening voor ambtenaren

Personal loan for civil servants

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Personal loan for civil servants

Are you a civil servant and do you want to take out an affordable loan? Then as a civil servant you often have an advantage. That may sound crazy, but it is really true. A civil servant loan is easy to apply for. If you indicate on the application form that you are a civil servant, we will immediately take this into account and your application will be treated as a civil servant loan.

Advantage of a personal loan

You can of course always choose which form of credit you want. A revolving credit or personal loan makes no difference in the application process. You choose the form you want, and we go for that form of financing. It is true that a personal loan is cheaper for civil servants than a revolving credit. A personal loan has a lower interest rate as standard.
The revolving credit is no longer provided at all for various tires. The banks that still provide it charge a higher interest rate for a revolving credit. The difference can amount to more than 0.5%.
It is also becoming increasingly difficult to withdraw from a revolving credit .

Civil servants loan in 4 clear steps

If you apply for a loan from 2Fast4Paws, this always takes place via 4 steps. With this we keep it clear for both ourselves and you. We have set it up internally so that all requests are processed within hours of receipt. So you quickly know where you stand. Then we will email the quotation to you. You can easily sign this quotation and return it to us.
We will then get to work to have your loan paid out as quickly as possible. This process can take between 4 and 24 working hours, depending on the provider. So you quickly know where you stand. When the loan has been paid out, you will receive login details for an online environment at most banks, or you can download an app. In addition to our own app, in which you can immediately check the status of the loan. In addition, you can also immediately put your insurance policies in our app, even if they have not been taken out through us.
Want to know more about this? Call us or send an email to [email protected]

vragen over uw lening

Questions about your loan?

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Do you have questions about your loan? Then we are happy to help you at 2Fast4Paws. In practice, we have noticed that many consumers continue to walk around with questions, while we can provide clarity about your loan within a few minutes.
Where your loan 'runs' makes no difference. Our specialists can tell you more about this.
You can contact us by phone on the telephone number 518-439-2867 .

To help you on your way, we give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Do I have to pay a fine when paying off my loan earlier

Whether you have to pay a fine for early repayment depends on a number of factors. When did you take out the loan and with which bank?
If you have recently taken out the loan, you have a very high chance that no penalty will be charged. You can always call us to find out what is possible.

Is my interest fixed for the entire term?

Good news! If you have taken out a personal loan, your interest is fixed during the term of your loan.

Can I also withdraw money from my loan again

This is not possible. With a personal loan , unlike with a revolving credit, you cannot make withdrawals from your loan if you have already repaid amounts.

Is it beneficial to transfer my loan?

In many cases it is advantageous to transfer your loan. In many cases, you will benefit from transferring a loan . Would you like to know how much you can save? Please contact us and we will gladly calculate with you.
This is of course free of charge and without obligation!

Can I transfer a revolving credit without penalty?

You can always transfer a revolving credit to another provider without penalty, or transfer to a personal loan. 2Fast4Paws would be happy to discuss your options with you.

How is it possible that it takes so long before I have repaid my loan with a revolving credit

With a revolving credit you can also withdraw from your loan. If you have done this, it will take longer before you have repaid the loan. In practice, we occasionally see revolving loans with a term of more than 20 years.

Revolving credit canceled by InterBank, is that allowed?

This is indeed allowed. A revolving credit may be terminated prematurely by the bank.

Wijzigingen in 2020

Changes in 2020

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There are various changes when it comes to borrowing money in 2020. These changes can have both a positive and negative effect for consumers who want to take out financing in 2020. We would like to list the most important changes for you.

Changes in the maximum amount of credit to be provided

The banks with which 2Fast4Paws cooperates all adhere to the VFN standards. As a result, we know in any case that we will also continue to provide responsible credit. A major change has taken place in this standard. An extra amount (surcharge) was added to this standard as of January, so that you can borrow less money. Different spreads have been added to the different family compositions, which means that the maximum amount of credit falls.

Effects of the change

The effect of this change seems very significant, but is limited by the fact that net income increased as of January due to the change in tax rates. As a result of this change, we will receive slightly more net income, so that the effect of this change will be limited.

Age for loans

Actually, something that has already started in 2019 is the shift in the age for lending. Where it was only reversed in recent years, it is now being released again. It is now possible to take out financing up to your 74th year of life, as long as it is paid back before your 78th year of life. Our expectation is that more parties will follow in 2020 so that the maximum age for financing will be further increased. We will of course keep you informed of this.

Car loans

A few things have also changed in the field of the car loan . Not so much in the standards, but in the range. 2Fast4Paws has entered into a unique collaboration between various parties, which gives us more options than our competitors. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Please contact us and we will let you know immediately what the options are. Your car financing is in any case directly and properly arranged with 2Fast4Paws.

Boetevrij inlossen van uw lening bij 2Fast4Paws

Repayment of your loan with 2Fast4Paws without penalty

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We get a lot of questions about the extra repayment of the loan. The most common question is whether repayment of the loan is possible without penalty. Fortunately, we have good news for this. You can repay your loan at 2Fast4Paws without penalty. It makes no difference whether it concerns a revolving credit or a personal loan .
We can imagine that this question is forgotten when you are in the process of applying for the loan. Still, it is important to know.

Choices for repaying your loan with 2Fast4Paws without penalty

If you have your loan with 2Fast4Paws, we may have placed it with various parties. One party we work with is BNP . With this party, paying off your loan without penalty works slightly differently than with the other companies. Where you simply redeem extra with other companies, and therefore get rid of your loan earlier. BNP presents you with an extra choice. After an additional repayment you will be given the choice to reduce your monthly installment or you can choose to shorten your term. Nice, such an extra choice.

Redeeming extra really pays off

Where in the past you had to pay hefty fines for early repayment of your loan, this is now really very different. Because no penalty is charged on your loan, additional repayments have become even more interesting. Redeeming extra will now clearly give you extra benefits. Because you will pay much less interest through an extra repayment during the term of your loan, every 1000 US dollar extra that you can repay is a good idea.
Would you like to know whether we can also take over your current loan without penalty? We are of course very happy to check that for you. You can request your loan on our borrow money page .

Wat kost het om extra af te lossen op mijn lening

What does it cost to make additional repayments on my loan?

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What does it cost to make extra repayments on my loan

What does it cost to redeem extra on my revolving credit?

A revolving credit is a flexible form of borrowing money. With a revolving credit you can make extra repayments without penalty. When you want and as much as you want. With a revolving credit you can even withdraw repaid amounts.

Apply for a personal loan

What does it cost to pay extra on my personal loan?

Have you taken out a personal loan with 2Fast4Paws? Then one thing is certain. Even on your personal loan you can repay at any time without penalty. When you want and as much as you want. Low interest rates, yet flexible.

Apply for continuous credit

Borrowing money : We are regularly asked 'what about the interim repayment of the loan'. In the past, there was a big difference between paying extra on a revolving credit and a personal loan.
Nowadays these differences are actually no longer there. The answer to the question: "What does it cost to pay extra on my loan?". Has become a lot simpler with that. In whatever form you have taken out a loan, the additional repayments on your loan are always penalty-free. And you can pay off as much extra as you wish.
With a revolving credit, the extra deposit in your loan is all processed in the same way.
With a personal loan, there are still some differences. Incidentally, you do not pay a fine of one cent at any provider via 2Fast4Paws. But some providers handle this in a more customer-friendly way than others. What does it cost to redeem extra on my credit is always free of charge.

What does it cost to make extra repayments on my loan

As indicated, there are differences between the different providers when making additional repayments on your loan. However, there is one provider that stands out by far. This is BNP . At BNP, after the extra redemption, you can choose to reduce your monthly installment or shorten your term. According to 2Fast4Paws, this is really the pinnacle of customer-friendliness and good service. You then have even better control over your loan.

Adjustment to provide revolving credit

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Revolving credit adjustment

In order to keep the granting of loans justified, a few things have changed with regard to the granting of new revolving loans as of 1 May 2019. At 2Fast4Paws, we would of course like to keep you informed about the latest developments in the field of borrowing money.

Borrow money responsibly

Applying for a revolving credit has become a bit more responsible as of today. This is due to the adjustment of the guidelines for revolving credit.

Apply for a loan

Ongoing credit change

The most important change is that a revolving credit can 'run' for a maximum of 15 years. Control of withdrawals from your loan will also be made less easy.

Apply for a loan

Choose responsibly.

A revolving credit may have become a bit less flexible, but a lot more responsible. You can't be tied to your credit for decades now.

Apply for a loan

What is really going to change with the revolving credit

Borrow money with a revolving credit. It was popular once. Yet this quickly turns around. In 2018, for example, 78% of the cases opted for a personal loan, and only 22% opted for a revolving credit. A big difference with 5 years ago, when the proportions were exactly the other way around.
How come? And what are the main changes in revolving credit?

Revolving credit changes

There are 2 important changes to the revolving credit that we would like to mention for you.
The first important change is that it will be made more difficult to make re-withdrawals from your revolving credit. Where in the past it was easy to make unlimited withdrawals, now more and more people are asked to demonstrate that you can still afford the financing. You will then again be asked to submit a payslip and a bank statement.
In addition, a maximum is set for the term of the loan. A revolving credit can 'run' for a maximum of 15 years.

Why these changes?

A credit can always be needed once, the point is that a credit must also be repaid again. This way you can continue debt-free. The past has shown that having a revolving credit is not always a good solution. It is too tempting to make another withdrawal from your loan, so that you are 'tied' to your loan for much longer than strictly necessary.
To prevent this, the VFN has taken more and more measures to ensure that the term of a revolving credit remains limited.

consumptief krediet groeit

Consumer Credit Grows.

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Consumer credit is growing

Borrowing money remains popular. Consumer credit also increased again in 2018. In 2018, the Association of Financing Companies in the Netherlands ( VFN ) provided no less than US $ 4.2 billion in loans. A growth of 6.8% compared to the year 2017.
The car loan is an important driver of the growth. These private car loans have grown by no less than 8.3% compared to 2017.
Private car loans also include car lease constructions.
The consumer clearly still thinks this is a pleasant way of financing.

Personal loan or revolving credit?

With consumer credit you can opt for a personal loan or a revolving credit . This also immediately contains the largest change.
In five years, the ratio from personal loan to revolving credit has completely changed. Five years ago, a personal loan was only taken out for 22% of consumer credit. In 2018, however, this was completely different. In 2018, 78% of the outstanding balance was a personal loan, and only 22% a revolving credit.

Consumptive credit

Business credit is also on the rise

Business credit is also on the rise among VFN members. The amount of newly issued credit rose by no less than 13.5% to 0.65 billion. Nice growth. However, the outstanding balance in business credit also grew even better. The outstanding balance of the VFN members rose by no less than 17% to a total balance of 1.2 billion.

doorlopend krediet oversluiten

Transfer a revolving credit with InterBank

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Transfer a revolving credit with InterBank

Do you currently have a revolving credit with InterBank? And do you want to switch your loan to a personal loan with a fixed interest? Then there may be more options at the moment than you think. Transferring an InterBank revolving credit to an Interbank Personal loan can give you a considerable advantage. Especially now that InterBank has the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands with a personal loan from $ 50,000.00. The low fixed interest rate of 3.6% is of course very attractive.

More options for transferring

In addition to the low interest rate, there is another advantage. After all, transferring an Interbank Revolving credit has become much cheaper. InterBank wants to help people on their way to a debt-free future. And this is simply the best with a personal loan. Thanks to the fixed interest rate and repayment of this loan, you can be sure that you will end up with a loan within a certain period.
The problem here is that many consumers run into the fact that it would not be possible to take out financing according to the new, stricter, loan standards. InterBank also thinks along here. If the credit is no longer affordable according to current standards, the bank can still make it possible to refinance your revolving credit.

And transfer an Interbank credit with a negative BKR registration?

Borrowing money with a negative BKR registration is of course extremely difficult. Our experience is that with an InterBank revolving credit is by no means always seen as a problem if there is a negative BKR registration. Why not? Because the InterBank mainly acts in your interest when transferring a revolving credit. Certainly if you have had to pay substantial interest at the InterBank on your revolving credit in recent years, you may even qualify for compensation. This payment will then be deposited directly and in full into your new personal loan. This automatically ensures that you can get rid of your loan earlier. There are now sufficient reasons to make borrowing money a bit cheaper again. InterBank has approached the market under different names in the past. Do you have a revolving credit with: InterBank, De Nederlands Voorschotbank or the Intermediaire Voorschotbank? Then we will be happy to see what the options are for taking out this loan inexpensively.