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Is een auto leasen goedkoper dan kopen

Is leasing a car cheaper than buying it?

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Is leasing a car cheaper than buying it?

In itself a clear and clear question. Yet it is not easy to give an unambiguous answer to this question. In order to be able to answer it, it is important to know how much you want to drive a new car, and what you are willing to do for it. And how you want to lease. There are two different ways.

operational lease

Operational lease

Operational lease is the worry-free lease. All you have to do is refuel. Everything else is arranged for you. The car is insured, the road tax is paid for you and if the car has to be serviced, you can simply deliver it to an affiliated garage. You can perhaps best compare an operational lease with renting a car for a long time. When the lease term is over, you must return the car.

Leasing a car is cheaper than buying it

Financial Lease

Another form of leasing a car is the financial lease. With a financial lease you take out a car loan . You pay the interest for this loan and must of course repay the loan in full. In addition, you must also insure the car yourself, pay the maintenance and road tax for the car. You are not the legal owner of the car until the last installment of the loan has been paid. For this you are the sole economic owner of the car.

The most commonly offered form with private lease

The most commonly offered form with the private lease is the operational lease. With this form of car leasing you rent the car for a predetermined period. In addition, you must also indicate how many kilometers you expect to drive per year. This annual mileage partly determines the monthly term of the lease agreement. The more you drive, the higher the monthly installment. If you set the annual mileage too low, the number of kilometers that you drive too much will be settled with you afterwards. You will then have to pay extra.

When is leasing a car cheaper than buying?

The consumer association made clear statements about this a few months ago. Leasing a car is only cheaper if you want to drive a new car and have no money yourself. The great thing is that they have also developed a test that allows you to quickly determine whether leasing a car is cheaper than buying it. The consumer association 's test appears to be fairly accurate and can be enlightening.

Leasing can limit risks

Ms Donat of the consumer association has stated in a broadcast of BNR that buying a second-hand car with your own means is always cheaper. This is true in large part. Nevertheless, the extra maintenance costs and the depreciation can ensure that you are better off with a private lease. By concluding a private lease contract you know for sure where you stand during a certain period. If you decide to lease, we recommend that you check whether the party where you are going to lease is affiliated with the private lease quality mark . The parties affiliated to this quality mark draw up private lease contracts with clear conditions so that you know where you stand.