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Lenen voor verbouwing

Borrow for renovation? What do you pay attention to?

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Borrow for your renovation

We also once looked for a loan to renovate. And we must admit to you, it is not easy to find a good loan for that. Especially since it is a relatively small amount in our case. What did we pay attention to with the financing? And how could you handle this when it comes to a renovation loan?

Borrow for renovation

With us it is convenient to take out the loan in 3 steps. Below we have listed them for you. With the renovation, we did not need the entire amount in one go. This can of course be very different for you.

How much do we need now

First we looked at the amount that we need now, and later in total. It will take approximately 1 year between the first withdrawal from the loan and the full amount. That's how long we need for the renovation.

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Revolving credit

Because we do not need the entire amount in one go, we opt for a revolving credit. A credit where we can slowly make withdrawals from the loan. The interest on this is somewhat higher. But we are flexible.

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Transfer to a personal loan

When we are ready for the last withdrawal from the loan, we have withdrawn almost everything. We transfer the loan to a personal loan. A loan with a lower interest rate. However, there was one drawback!

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Borrowing for renovation from your own experience

The above was a good option for us. Yet there was one major drawback, which gave us a lot of calculations. Because we did not directly take out the loan as a personal loan, the interest we paid was not tax deductible according to our tax adviser. There are rules for the tax advantage of being able to settle the interest. The construction that we have done from our own experience did not meet this requirement.
We therefore recommend that you read this section carefully beforehand so that you know where you stand at all times.

Geld lenen voor cosmetische ingreep

Borrow money for a cosmetic procedure

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Borrow money for a cosmetic procedure

Borrowing money can be used for many different purposes. Cosmetic surgery is also an important one. Borrowing money is common. 2 out of 3 Dutch people have a loan. Borrowing money for a cosmetic procedure is a reason that is often still somewhat reserved. While this loan goal can be so important. Cosmetic surgery is not always reimbursed by the insurer. Borrowing money for a cosmetic procedure may therefore be necessary.

Borrowing various forms of money for a cosmetic procedure

As with other loan purposes, you can take out a loan in different ways. You can opt for the revolving credit. The flexible form of borrowing money, or opting for a personal loan, the loan with all certainty. In both cases, you can redeem your loan prematurely without penalty. It is best to borrow money for a cosmetic procedure in consultation with your adviser. We can work with you to determine the best form of borrowing money for you. And which bank suits you best. Do you want to know more?
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