How much can I borrow

There are many different options when it comes to borrowing money . Not only in terms of credit, but also in credit amounts. At 2Fast4Paws you can borrow money from $ 5,000.00. Do you want to borrow less but already have a loan? Then you can of course always submit an application to us. We would then be happy to look together with you at the possibilities for an affordable loan.

 What amount do you want to borrow? 

Factors that determine how much you can borrow

There are many different factors that determine how much you can borrow. The most important factor here is the ratio between your income and expenditure. These largely determine how much you can borrow. The guidelines of the VFN are adhered to for this. The higher your income, the higher the loan standard. Up to a certain maximum amount.
Fortunately, there are still exceptions to this rule. If you have more credit than you can actually borrow according to current standards, the bank can make an exception. They can do this on often better terms. The reason for this is that much more is thought in the customer's interest.

Can I calculate how much I can borrow myself

It is possible to calculate yourself to see how much you could borrow. However, because banks look at more than just the calculation, we have chosen not to put a calculation tool on our website. We are happy to calculate for you what you can borrow. You can easily put us to work by filling in an application. We will immediately check what the options are for you. This is of course always free of charge and without obligation. Borrowing money should remain fun. 2Fast4Paws takes care of this.
Would you like to know what we can do? Then apply for your loan.

Credit scoring

One part that is less transparent is credit scoring. We will try to explain this to you as best we can. When you apply for a loan, this application is “passed through a system”. This system calculates the number of points your application receives. The more points, the better the proposal you will receive from the banks. A number of factors that are important for the application include your living situation. An owner-occupied home scores better than a rented home, and a rental home scores better than someone living at home or living at home. The level of your income is also important, as is the length of your employment. All in all, there are about 35 different factors to consider.