Ready for a new kitchen? But not your wallet yet?

Are you ready for a new kitchen but is it not financially convenient? Then a kitchen loan may be a solution for you. With a kitchen loan from 2Fast4Paws you can take out a loan from the competitive rate of only 3.6%. This means you know that you are not paying too much for your new kitchen loan. You can quickly and easily request a quote for a kitchen loan via our application form. Did you know that there can also be some tax benefits to a kitchen loan? At 2Fast4Paws we are happy to tell you more about this.


Step 1

You can apply for a loan from us online, if you fill in the application form as completely as possible, we will immediately get to work for you. We usually know what the options are for you within 24 hours.

Step 2

As soon as we receive your digital application, we will immediately assess it for you. Part of the assessment is the BKR assessment. If you have a negative BKR registration, we unfortunately cannot be of service to you.

Step 3

If we agree, we will discuss the quotation with you and email the quotation to you. You can go through these at your leisure. If you agree, you can sign the quotation and return it to us. This can be done via our handy upload page.

Step 4

When we have received the documents from you, we will immediately assess whether your file is complete for payment. If this is the case, it takes an average of 48 hours for the money to be credited to your account. You can then transfer the correct amount to the kitchen supplier yourself.

Kitchen loan with extra benefit

If you are going to take out a kitchen loan, you do this because you want to decorate the home with a new kitchen. The kitchen loan is therefore a loan for the improvement of your home.
You thus immediately meet the first condition to ensure that the interest on your loan can be deducted for tax purposes.
In addition, the loan must also have a fixed repayment schedule. You can opt for a personal loan . You can then be sure that you meet the most important conditions. Would you like to know more about the deductibility of the interest on your loan? Then take a look at the website of the tax authorities .

The lowest interest in any case

If you meet the conditions for interest deduction, you will receive an important benefit. This is an advantage for you. 2Fast4Paws will of course also do its utmost to make this advantage even greater. We will actively work on your application to ensure that you receive the lowest possible interest. And of course a loan with excellent conditions. Borrowing money must continue to borrow money cheaply. That is why we will always strive for the lowest interest rate for your loan. Especially with a personal loan, it is important to take out the loan at once with the lowest interest rate. Switching your loan later to a loan with a lower interest rate will generally yield little or no benefit.

Apply for a favorable loan

Your kitchen loan from 2Fast4Paws

Kitchen loan If you apply for a loan from 2Fast4Paws, we will introduce you to our unparalleled service. We will process your request quickly. A large part of your application is automatically assessed. However, the final decision on your application is always manual work at 2Fast4Paws. Each application is reviewed by a qualified consultant.
This is to ensure that we really make the best proposal. It cannot and may not be the case that you will pay too much for a loan. Certainly not if you take out this loan with 2Fast4Paws. Taking out a loan with 2Fast4Paws is always done with a lot of attention and care. Whether it is a small loan or a large loan. It is important to us that it is a loan that is responsible and that meets your wishes. Of course you can also opt for a mortgage, if you want to see the options side by side, you can apply to a mortgage adviser . They will gladly help you. At 2Fast4Paws we only mediate in loans.