Residual debt financing

If you are going to sell your home, you do not know exactly what your home will yield. That's difficult. In the favorable case, your home will yield more than the residual debt of the mortgage. You will then be left with money, with which you can possibly purchase a more expensive home.
Unfortunately, despite the improving housing market, it still happens regularly that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to repay the mortgage. You will then be faced with a residual debt. If you cannot pay the amount yourself, a residual debt financing can be a solution.

 Three tips for taking out your residual debt financing 

To help you make the right choice, we would like to give you three tips to make choosing the right residual debt financing easier. And to prepare you well for what may come your way, of course. If you are well prepared for what is to come, you can make the right choices with confidence.

Residual debt financing tip 1

Tip 1: Be prepared

There are uncertainties when you put the house up for sale. Of course you do not know in advance how long the house will be for sale. And you do not know exactly what the sales value of your home will be. You can, however, make a reasonable estimate together with the broker. Once you have done this, you can estimate the residual debt of the mortgage. Are you unable to resolve this? A call to the mortgage lender (mortgage bank) can be the solution. You can then apply for a loan in advance to find out what your options are. We would be happy to check for you the options for affordable and responsible financing. Is your borrowing capacity too low to absorb the residual debt, or is a residual debt financing not possible with you according to our advisers? Then we will always work with you to find the right organization to make the sale possible for you.

residual debt financing tip 2

Tip 2: Immerse yourself in the possibilities

If you have been told with your application that a residual debt financing is possible for you, this is good to hear. It will certainly give you peace of mind if you know that it is possible to sell your home. Of course it is always wise to ask your mortgage bank about the possibilities to “include” the residual debt financing in your new mortgage.
If you are going to take out the residual debt financing, there are different forms of credit that you can choose from. The personal loan and the revolving credit . We will work with you to explore the possibilities to conclude an advantageous residual debt financing for you.

residual debt financing tip 3

Tip 3: What credit advisors don't always tell you ...

If you have received the loan to finance the residual debt, it seems as if you can continue undisturbed. This is correct if you are going to a rental property. If you are going to buy a new home again, this can be very different. This is forgotten by some credit advisors. If you take out a loan, it will be registered with the BKR . There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it is an important part of testing your creditworthiness. But it also has a drawback. The residual debt financing that you have taken out is registered with the BKR, so you can borrow a lot less for your new home to be purchased. Because many credit advisers do not have in-house mortgage advisers, insufficient attention is paid to this now and then. At 2Fast4Paws, we always ask you about the next steps you have in mind. Our mortgage advisers can help you look into this aspect as well. You will then receive a clear picture of your options with one application.
No costs are charged for advising and mediating the residual debt financing.

residual debt financing with payment protection

Residual debt financing with certainty

If you take out residual debt financing, you can choose to take out insurance so that your loan remains a responsible loan. We give you the choice of taking out a life insurance policy, or whether you take out this is of course entirely up to you.

Residual debt financing nothing is mandatory

Nothing is mandatory

We give you the option to borrow money with or without insurance. It is important to know that payment protection is not mandatory. You can either take out payment protection yourself. Of course you also make the choice where you want to insure yourself.

Do you have any questions about your residual debt financing?

Would you like to know more about financing your residual debt or do you have any questions? Then contact us. This can be done during office hours on the telephone number 518-439-2867 or you can send an email to [email protected] You will always receive a response to your question within a few hours.