Loan transfer after divorce

Are you divorced and do you have a loan, for example, from InterBank? In that case, it may be included in the covenant that the loan must be split. In theory it all seems clear. The judge has made a decision, the bank must adhere to this. Yet it works differently in practice. A bank is not obliged to cooperate in the distribution of the loan. Nor to 'putting the financing in one name'. That is annoying of course, you do not get a divorce for nothing. You really want to break up. So also with the financing. 2Fast4Paws may be able to offer you a helping hand for this.

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Do you also want to transfer your credit or put it in one name? Then we are happy to help you.

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Because we have good contacts with the various banks, there is a good chance that it is possible to refinance your loan after divorce at 2Fast4Paws. Let us investigate the possibilities for you. An application is always free of charge and without obligation.

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 Loan transfer after divorce 

What are the possibilities?

If you are divorced, there may be two options. In both cases, it is not always the case that the cooperates with the change in your loan. This may be described in the divorce agreement.

Splitting the loan

If you have a loan, you can choose to split the loan. In many cases, the loan is then split 50/50, this keeps it clear. It is of course most pleasant to transfer the loan. Each your own portion of the loan. The only disadvantage is that the banks generally make a financial capacity calculation for both of you, if it does not work with one of them, the entire financing will not go through. 2Fast4Paws has more options for this. Especially because of our good contacts with the bank. Even if you have already been rejected elsewhere, we may still have options for you.

Put the loan on either of your names

In connection with, for example, distribution, it may also be possible that the loan must be put in one name. Even if this has been agreed in the covenant, it is not always possible to cooperate. 2Fast4Paws also has more options here. Especially if you have a loan with one of the subsidiaries of Credit Agricole. You can think of transferring your loan after divorce, for example at Interbank, De Nederlandse Voorschotbank or the NVF. Let us explore the possibilities for you. We are happy to do this for you.

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