Financing your tiny house

Enabling a fantastic new way of living

A tiny house is a great opportunity to live cheaply. But how does it go if you have to finance (part of) the tiny house? What can you run into? 2Fast4Paws is happy to help you put together the right financing.

The new way of living

You really only use what you need. Not an unnecessary luxury, but back to the basics.

Back to basic. That is actually going to live in a tiny house. You only use what you need. There are more and more initiatives with tiny houses. Self entertaining and not much needed anymore.

Apply for a tiny house loan

Financing a tiny house

Are you going to do it? Are you going to chase your dream and live in a tiny house? In some cases, a tiny house can be paid for by selling a home with equity. In other cases, financing a tiny house may be required. If the latter is necessary, we will of course be happy to help you with this at 2Fast4Paws. We are very fond of living in tiny houses. Back to basics and live only with what you need. No more huge mortgage payments, no unnecessary space. But nice and cozy and familiar.

Different tiny houses, different rules

There are different tiny houses and therefore different rules for financing a tiny house. Taking out a mortgage for a tiny house is by no means possible in all cases. For this, the land on which your tiny house will be placed must in any case be owned by you. In addition, everything must be natural and nail-proof. And then again, the banks are still not very cooperative when it comes to providing a loan for a tiny house .
There are also many tiny houses 'on wheels'. With this form it is in any case not possible to provide a mortgage. These are therefore often financed in the form of a personal loan . This is a loan with a maximum term of 120 months. You then repay the loan in full over the term of 10 years. Pledging the tiny house is often not (yet) possible.

Apply for loan for a tiny house

At 2Fast4Paws you can request a loan for your own tiny house free of charge and without obligation. We are happy to make sure that you can make your dream come true and live in a tiny house!